In Memory of Dr. John C. Young

It is with great sadness that we must announce the passing of Dr. John Young, one of the founders of InControl Technologies. John was not only a business partner, he was a dear close friend and mentor to Michael Marcon and James Callahan. While attending McNeese State University, Mike was introduced to Dr. Young by his math advisor suggesting that he should consider statistics as a degree. As he explained to his advisor, statistics was not required for his degree. John had a different idea, and Mike was signed up in his classes and now pursuing a double degree in Mathematical Statistics and Computer Science. After the first semester, Dr. Young became an advisor and eventually helped Mike secure work through the University working on grants and statistical projects. Mike was one of those students that John convinced to go on to work on their Masters Degree. By this time, it was no longer Dr. Young, but John. Not only was he an adviser in scholastic matters, but also in planning Mike’s future.

Mike set out on a career in the Environment field and went to work in Baton Rouge. Over the years, Mike followed John’s work in multivariate statistics and the advances that John made in the field of Multivariate Statistical Process Control. John was one of five world experts in the area of Multivariate SPC. John and Mike visited frequently and discussed the possibility of starting a company to advance the work that he had done. February 13, 1997, that day came to be. After a couple of meetings with a lawyer and a banker along with one or two stiff drinks, InControl Technologies was founded. The mission was to advance John’s life work. Shortly after starting InControl Technologies, Dr. James Callahan, a former student of John’s and a colleague of Mike’s, from McNeese joined to develop John’s vision for a software application to promote Multivariate SPC in the petrochemical industries.

Over the years, John provided significant input and foresight into the advancement of statistics across the world. He mentored hundreds of students and provided professional consulting and statistical training to numerous industries. His statistical techniques are employed in several industries. While John has passed from this world, his contribution to the world of Multivariate SPC will live on. Countless generations will benefit from the work of those students that learned from John’s teaching and mentoring. John’s legacy will not only live in the statistical field, but will live on in InControl Technologies. While our hearts are filled with a deep sadness, we lift our glasses high and toast John for all he has done for Mike and James, for InControl Technologies, and for the world of statistics. You will be missed, dear friend.

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