Fate and Transport, Statistical Modeling

InControl Technologies has programmed numerous simple fate and transport models to evaluate the impact of various exposure parameters, cleanup criteria, or fate and transport issues.  With these models, we perform “what if” analyses given varying site-specific parameters. This process helps focus the site investigation on items that have the greatest overall impact on the project.

The program we have developed is consistent with the requirements of EPA standard risk assessment guidance documents and the TCEQ Risk Reduction Program. Statistical modeling has become a very popular tool for evaluating sampling uncertainty and developing site characterization programs. Increasingly, regulatory agencies are requiring the use of statistical procedures in the development of a site characterization program as well as the remediation phase of the project.  InControl Technologies is at the forefront of statistical modeling of environmental contamination in soil and groundwater.  We have been actively involved in several major Superfund sites that required the development of comprehensive statistically based sampling and analysis plans, remedial action confirmation programs, and geostatistical modeling and uncertainty analysis of various remedial action programs.  We have developed an extensive library of specialized routines and computer models to help conduct these efforts.  InControl has completed many projects that incorporate a variety of statistical programs including:

  • Statistically-based sampling and analysis plans
  • Geostatistical analysis of chemical data in soil and groundwater
  • RCRA Statistical Groundwater Compliance and Detection Monitoring Programs
  • Wastewater and air permit discharge criteria
  • Development of statistically-based permit standards
  • Statistical confirmation sampling and closure criteria

Through the analysis of the obtained statistical information, we can ensure the site has been delineated or has achieved applicable cleanup criteria with a known degree of confidence.