Agency Interaction and Negotiation

The first key strategy to attaining reasonable site characterization requirements and closure criteria is effective communication. InControl has a well-established, working relationship with all agencies throughout Texas. We partner with the TCEQ on various projects; including sites in the Voluntary Cleanup Program, Dry Cleaner Remediation Program, Industrial Waste Program, and State Superfund Program. Consistent interaction with the TCEQ and their project managers allows us to stay on top of significant developing issues and policies within the agency.

The second key strategy is professional, active participation in public meetings and discussions regarding new policies. For example, InControl Technologies was actively involved in the development of guidance documents for the Texas Risk Reduction Program and in the framework and function for the Dry Cleaner Remediation Program (DCRP). The last key step in our corporate strategy is the formation of technical memorandums to document and establish communication regarding major environmental concerns. These documents provide scientific justification for possible future significant concerns that could affect progress. InControl Technologies communicates and discusses any specific concerns with the associated agencies; thus, when a situation arises that could delay the completion of a project, we can quickly address and resolve it. With proper supporting documentation and established open communications with State agencies, InControl establishes a solid foundation each phase project demonstrating efficient management.