Municipal Setting Designation (MSD)

An MSD ordinance is a legally binding document preventing the use of groundwater at the site for drinking water now or in the future, thereby protecting public health.  It may also help a site develop or redevelop because the State’s requirements to clean up impacted groundwater may be set at levels based on this restriction.  The MSD does not excuse the applicant from cleanup activities required by the State to reduce other risks to the public (i.e. removal of soil).

Why am I receiving a letter?

If you have received a letter by certified mail or delivery confirmation, you were identified as a property owner with a water well on it located within a 5-mile radius of the property which has applied for the MSD.

If you received a letter via regular mail, you were identified as a property owner within 0.5-miles of a property which has applied for an MSD.

Why are you sending me so many letters?

The requirements of the Texas Health and Safety Code, as it applies to the MSD program, state that a minimum of 3 attempts are made to notify water well owners within 5-miles of the property which has applied for the MSD.  If we did not receive confirmation (i.e. the green receipt card from certified mail) from the first attempt, a second and possibly third attempt was made.

What does this mean for me and my property?

First, the MSD cannot be placed on your property without your knowledge.  The letters are for notification only.  They are intended to notify you that a property within 5-miles of your property has applied to this program.  Your property is not directly affected.  If you have a water well, your well is not affected.  These letters are to give you an opportunity to ask questions and provide any comments on what is going on in your neighborhood.

There is no water well on my property.  How do I get my name taken off the list?

Please contact the Texas Water Development Board.

Texas Water Development Board
1700 North Congress Avenue
P.O. Box 13231
Austin, Texas 78711-3231
ph: (512) 463-7847