Our Company

InControl Technologies, Inc. was established in 1997 to  provide high-end quality environmental consulting services to owners of commercial and industrial property.  InControl Technologies develops strategies for proactive environmental planning for your facilities with solutions that help you quantify and control liability associated with your environmental projects. We are currently providing environmental services to commercial property management companies, institutional organizations, chemical and petrochemical industries,  electrical and gas utility companies, large industrial complexes such as major ports and public sector entities including municipalities, counties and state agencies.  In addition, InControl Technologies works with some of the largest engineering design and construction firms to incorporate our specialized expertise with their site remediation and restoration programs. Parallel with our environmental services, InControl Technologies offers statistical services, specializing in Multivariate Statistical Process Control (MVSPC). Through this, we have developed QualStat, a statistical software package for multivariate data analysis.

Our corporate headquarters are located in Houston, Texas.

Our experienced team includes:

  • Professional Engineers, each with over 20 years of experience
  • Professional Geoscientists, each with over 20 years experience
  • Scientists, with an average 15 years experience each
  • Correction Action Project Managers (CAPMs)

Our project experiences includes participation in a number of regulatory programs including:

  • Texas Voluntary Cleanup Program
  • RCRA RFI/Groundwater Monitoring
  • TCEQ Dry Cleaner Remediation Program
  • Texas Railroad Commission
  • Federal and State Superfund Programs
  • Public Utility Commission
  • Enforcement

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