Asbestos and Mold Management

InControl Technologies, Inc. has managed hundreds of projects for asbestos and mold assessments, abatement, and air monitoring services. Our field experience includes new construction, renovation, and demolition for various public and private entities. Over the past 20 years, we have improved methods and facilitated innovative approaches to be at the leading edge of industry technology. We provide project specifications, on-site management, and overall coordination of our asbestos and mold projects. Safety is our top priority; we meet all rules and regulations relating to asbestos, which includes EPA, NESHAP, TAHPR, TCEQ, OSHA, AHERA, and local protocols. Depending on our client’s needs and the level of contamination at the site, our services vary from initial site inspections to thorough abatement of all impacted materials.


We perform asbestos surveys and inspections to determine if asbestos-containing materials (ACM) are present in a facility; and, we provide mold assessments to evaluate if any significant levels of mold are present at a site. The asbestos inspection or mold assessment involves a visual survey, sampling and analysis, and includes a letter report. We collect the appropriate number of bulk samples from each homogeneous area impacted. Examples of suspected ACMs include: floor tile and mastic, ceiling tile, sheet rock walls, insulation contained in or on HVAC systems, and miscellaneous items (e.g., window caulk, roof flashing, etc.). Following the completion of sampling and inspection, we produce an Assessment Report which includes details of the project activities, analysis, conclusion, and recommendations for our clients.

Abatement Oversight

From the analysis of our asbestos inspection and mold assessment results, InControl Technologies develops and submits an asbestos or mold abatement plan including all procedures and methods for that task. InControl has all applicable licenses and certifications needed to create the abatement plan and specifications. With safety as a top priority, we ensure that the selected independent abatement contractor achieves statutory requirements for asbestos or mold abatement. InControl Technologies manages all projects with a licensed abatement contractor as they perform the abatement in conformance with applicable State and local regulatory agencies. InControl personnel walk the abatement areas with air monitoring technicians and abatement supervisors to ensure clarity and understanding of all project plans and goals. The abatement activity is performed under strict containment protocols and supervised by an independent air monitoring technician.

Once the removal is complete and visual and air clearance are given, the containment is removed, and the team demobilized. InControl personnel are onsite during all cleanup and removal activities. We document all site activities and photograph the cleanup and removal process. InControl produces and submits a Final Closeout Report to our client following the completion of all abatement activities by the contractor. After clearance and finalization of a project, our clients have the assurance their properties and buildings are properly abated and have documentation to support all field activities on the property.

Outline of Services

  • Inspect the facilities
  • Estimate number of samples to be taken and provide cost estimate
  • Submit Inspection Report
  • Prepare Abatement Plan
  • Monitor abatement and air monitoring activities
  • Obtain clearance
  • Submit Final Close Out Report