Former Crown Beverage Company Site


Harris County Public Infrastructure


5900 Canal Street, Houston, TX 77011

Project Cost


Project Size

286,704 sf Warehouse on the Subject Property

Date Completed

February 2016

Services Provided

Phase 1 and 2 Environmental Site Assessments, AHERA Asbestos Assessment, Plans and Specifications for Asbestos Abatement and Oversight, Air Monitoring, and Building Demolition, Soil Remediation and Permitting, Lead Survey

Project Description

InControl Technologies was retained by Harris County Public Infrastructure Department to conduct a Phase I and limited Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) on the former Crown Beverage Company site. The assessment also included a lead-based paint assessment and an asbestos assessment.

The Phase I ESA identified several potential recognized environmental conditions including former above ground and underground petroleum storage tanks, solvent storage areas, machine and maintenance shops, and hydrocarbon impacted soil. Peeling paint was a concern for lead-based paint. The soil on the property beneath the former above-ground tanks and equipment was not paved. This soil was dark and oily in places with a noticeable hydrocarbon odor. A group of old electrical transformers was located on the east end of the subject property; and, staining was apparent along the  transformers' foundation. We oversaw the removal of the transformers and the excavation the soil beneath the pads. The subject property was also listed as a former RCRA LQG of hazardous waste and had listed violations of State Statutes and Regulations as well as RCRA Generator violations.

InControl Technologies recommended a limited Phase 2 ESA to investigate the significance of the findings from the Phase 1. The Phase 2 ESA identified impacts from the former above-ground and the underground storage tanks; and, the presence of one chlorinated solvent in groundwater. Based on these findings, InControl Technologies recommended that the site be enrolled in the Texas Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) to pursue closure. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) closed the task in 2016.

Both the lead-based paint survey and the asbestos survey yielded the identification of contaminated materials. InControl oversaw the asbestos abatement and lead-based paint removal activities. Communication was key to the success of the project; the InControl team ensured that Harris County and all subcontractors were informed of every task and overall goal. Once HCPID finalized the renovation scope, InControl Technologies developed asbestos plans and specifications that would be implemented during the site redevelopment. InControl participated in the pre-bid meeting to select a well-qualified asbestos abatement contractor. Each task was completed within time and budget goals.