Environmental Construction Management

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InControl Technologies provides environmental construction management services typically for renovation, demolition, and/or redevelopment projects. Our goal is to provide our clients with exceptional service in overseeing site activities and maintaining contractor accountability. On behalf of our client, our professionals monitor, schedule, and track activities and costs throughout the entire project. Therefore, our clients have complete confidence the project is managed responsibly and efficiently from start to finish.

General Outline of Environmental Construction Management Services

  • Create timelines and critical paths
  • Develop plans and specifications
  • Solicit contractor bids
  • Evaluate qualifications and select contractors
  • Supervise project activities and safety protocol
  • Produce inspection and management reports

In managing competitive bids, we will identify contractors who represent the best value for each project and client. We evaluate contractors based on safety record, work history, qualifications, and cost. We have several established working relationships with trusted abatement and demolition firms; we rely on these contractors for exceptional and timely performance.

We maintain constant communication with our client, personnel, and subcontractors to ensure each task is completed properly and professionally. Following project completion, InControl Technologies provides detailed documentation of all field activities to the client.

InControl Technologies’ professionals have successfully managed various construction projects with diverse tasks, such as:

  • Screening to identify initial environmental conditions
  • Asbestos testing and abatement
  • Mold testing and abatement
  • Lead testing and abatement
  • Handling medical waste
  • Managing hazardous waste
  • Freon recovery and recycling
  • Underground and above ground storage tank removal
  • Storm water pollution prevention plans

Underground Storage Tank Management

InControl Technologies’ project managers assist our clients in navigating regulations and minimizing risks when purchasing or selling a property with a current or historical underground storage tank (UST) system. InControl has performed all aspects of response actions concerning UST sites, including:

  • Auditing of fuel tank systems for regulatory compliance
  • Release determination assessment
  • Investigation and remediation
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Negotiating regulatory closure

InControl’s response action capabilities range from excavation and disposal of affected material, to onsite land farming and soil reuse, to in-situ soil and groundwater remediation. InControl Technologies is an LPST Corrective Action Specialist, and our team includes licensed corrective action project manager (CAPMs) and professional engineers. Our project managers converse with the client to develop the strategy to meet both their goal for the property and TCEQ regulatory standards.