Site Investigations

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InControl Technologies has extensive experience developing and conducting comprehensive field investigation and site characterization programs. Our field services program combines highly trained environmental professionals, specialized software applications for data management, and a thorough set of streamlined standard operating procedures. We have developed reliable, professional relationships with many subcontractors in areas such as environmental drilling, laboratory analysis, waste transportation, and specialized equipment rental. These alliances increase our efficiency in scheduling and administration and allow us to provide the highest quality of services for our clients.

Expert staff and support systems are the key elements to our field services program. Our innovative program ranges from the proper design and development of a field sampling work plan, through its implementation and finally, to the production of the site characterization report.

We typically employ the Data Quality Objectives (DQOs) approach, developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), for conducting data collection activities associated with risk assessment and remediation engineering.  The DQO process is a systematic set of procedures used by the investigator to ensure that the sampling and analysis program is appropriately designed.

Step 1

This process begins with a basic understanding of the site and the development of a conceptual site model, which is then reviewed to define a preliminary list of potential chemicals of concern.

Step 2

The next step is to develop the appropriate risk-based screening criteria and identify potential receptor populations.

Step 3

Then, we create the laboratory analytical procedures which address the types of analyses, analytical detection limits, and proper sample collection and handling procedures. We incorporate our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) into our sampling plans and field investigations. Progressively over the past 20 years, our SOPs have been streamlined to increase efficiency and ensure a high level of safety and accuracy in our work.

Step 4

The last step in the site characterization process is the development of the Site Investigation Report or Affected Property Assessment Report. For accurate and precise report production, InControl Technologies has developed standardized report templates. Additionally, InControl has created a Sample Management System (SAMS) through which we can interpolate project and laboratory data directly into our standardized reports and project files. This project management application streamlines our standard operating procedures, which ultimately saves our clients’ time and money.